frugalpool for high return on investment ADA staking (bigger is not better!)

Tickers: FRGL (40M) and FRGL1 (4M)

Current return on investment for FRGL with 40 million ADA is between 14% and 21%, annualized. Please don't add much more stake to this pool because ROI will go down as overall stake gets bigger. Choose FRGL1 instead, until it reaches 40M.

Our long term goal is to achieve 12% or greater annualized return for stakeholders. We have our ADA in our own pools, and it's a significant amount, so we eat our own cooking. Our approach to achieving high return will be reliable operations and communications to stakeholders about the decrease in rate of return associated with having too much stake in a pool.

If stake size gets bigger the return will go down to give advantage to smaller pools. This effect comes from the algorithm intrinsic to Cardano that aims for a large number of small stake pools to have a strong and resilient ecosystem.

I suggest as a rational investor you choose a pool that consistently produces a high return on investment. It doesn't need to be FRGL pool. If we're not achieving high returns you should go elsewhere. Let's keep these two pools between 35 and 45 million ADA to maximize ROI for existing stakeholders, including me ;).